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The Future Work of Conservationists?

What role might conservationists play in the future of humanity? Conservation is a means to an end. Conservation cannot and is not disconnected from human activities. We conservationists do not ask questions and test assumptions for mere entertainment. There is … Continue reading

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A Legend Remembered

On May 26, 2016 an American conservation legend passed. Jack Ward Thomas represents perhaps the most successful conservationist of the post-Leopoldian generation. In the 1940s, Aldo Leopold helped us be aware every “cog and wheel” in Nature had value. Since … Continue reading

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Are you in the “sweet spot?”

The March 2016 issue of Harvard Business Review revealed research results that got me thinking about conversations I’ve had lately… and questions emerging in my mind, “Do we hire and promote for the wrong reasons? And does this contribute to … Continue reading

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A Call for Leadership

I love my children, and like many of you I want a healthy planet so the next generation might live healthy, fulfilling lives – and their children, their children’s children and so forth. But that future is in doubt. This … Continue reading

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The Greatest Challenge of Our Time

In one of my favorite passages from A Sand County Almanac Aldo Leopold describes his aspirations for his children. I have congenital hunting fever and three sons. As little tots, they spent their time playing with my decoys and scouring … Continue reading

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The Problem With Facts

The New Yorker recently published a blog by Maria Konnikova that serious conservationists ought to read. “I Don’t Want to Be Right” shares results of recent neuroscience studies and discussions with the researchers. In one study the investigator tested whether … Continue reading

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Leadership Lessons from a Zombie Apocalyspe (no, really!)

What a great summer! As fall arrives expect to see more posts. This guest contribution comes from a friend and colleague. Rollie White lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two teenage daughters. Rollie is a student of leadership philosophy … Continue reading

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