Thanks for dropping in. I’m a conservation professional in the federal government with over twenty-five years of experience in conservation, from Washington, DC to Alaska. I’m an informal and formal student of leadership. In my career, I (along with a growing number of colleagues) have come to realize conservation requires more than an ecological understanding. To be successful, inside and outside the office, we need to understand people. If we understand people, we are better equipped to lead them.

I created this blog as a service for everyone trying to lead people. Periodically I, or a guest contributor, will discuss conservation leadership challenges and successes. The intent is to uncover lessons learned, share observations, find patterns, and offer opinions to promote leadership in conservation. I hope you find something in the blog that proves useful in your life or work. If you engage in the conversation, we’ll learn something together.

Please know the views expressed in this blog are mine (or a contributor’s), and do not state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof.


2 Responses to About

  1. David Wright says:

    My name is David Wright and I am the father of Ian Wright. I hunted the Refuge with your father-in-law. My kids, Ian and Jen, directed me here thinking I might like to join a narrative on conservation, which I would.
    They may have told you i was a two bit politician in Colorado for 20 or so years and worked as a lobbyist for about 3 years trying desperately to deal with the rapid growth in northern Colorado. I am a radical moderate who is not real positive on what lies ahead. My degree is in Botany. I have spent considerable time in the last 7-8 years reading books on resource depletion, global warming, population dynamics and economics none of which leave me feeling like the tracks of mankind are moving well.
    I’ll offer what I can and look forward to hearing the views of others. DW

    • Jimmy says:

      Good to hear from you David! I thought by now you knew better than to trust I&J [grin]. It is great to have your ear and pen in the conversation. Be well, Jimmy

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