Reasons for Hope in 2018!

If one gets to thinking about human health and the lands and waters that sustain us, it’s easy to see problems – we’re wired that way! It’s important to look for good news and positive action too. Here’s a number of reasons for hope.



More and more humans agree we’re facing a huge, wicked problem.

  • The Global Footprint Network describes the problem in a way that is compelling to a growing number of people around the world.
  • Participants of the 2017 World Economic Forum declared the health of our home – not cyber crime or chemical warfare – as the most likely threat facing humanity.
  • Sustainable uses of the planet have become a high-priority for nations around the world.

Image courtesy of Global Footprint Network.

More and more humans see, touch and feel the problem.

  • We evolved to react to in-your-face kind of threats. Thankfully surveys show a majority of Americans believe climate change is happening because they can “see, touch and feel” the problem.
  • Coastal dead zones caused by water pollution and warming are negatively impacting local economies and this gets peoples’ attention.
  • Pollution of air, water and land is now understood to be the largest cause of premature death in the world.
CC0 Public Domain Free for commercial use  No attribution required

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

More and more humans are diagnosing the problem.

  • Neighbors in communities across the US are exploring the problem, from the tiny town of Pattonsburg, Missouri to Washington, DC.
  • CEOs around the world are seeing relationships between short-term thinking and threats to humanity. BlackRock the largest asset manager in the world put businesses on notice that they need to demonstrate progress on climate change and diversify their boardrooms.

Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock. Image courtesy of Harvard Business Review.

More and more humans are experimenting to make progress.



In messy challenges diagnosing the problem requires smart communication. Fortunately there’s great advice at our disposal. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, author of best-seller, Nonviolent Communication, has helped people around the world talk productively as he describes in this short video. The principles can  improve any courageous conversation.

Making progress on big, adaptive challenges also requires energizing and motivating others. Social psychologist and author, Jonathan Haidt, discusses how a divided America can heal in this TED event. One scientist is sharing ways Americans can find common ground on climate change. And group discussions about climate change between Clinton democrats and Trump republicans came up with shared recommendations too.

I could list many more reasons for hope. But I’d like to hear from you. What gives you reason for hope in 2018? Help yourself and others by sharing one word, article, talk, video, book, etc. Thank you I look forward to benefitting from your optimism!


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Cognizantfox has served his country over twenty-five years doing the unselfish, noble work of conserving America's natural heritage.
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2 Responses to Reasons for Hope in 2018!

  1. Susan Todd says:

    This is fabulous Jimmy and it’s packed with great resources. I intend to send it to all my pals.

    Happy Holidays!


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